How to Make Money Online from Home +20 Ideas

How to make money online from home +20 ideas

How to Make Money Online from Home +20 ideas

Today more and more people have understood that money has moved online. So, if you are wondering how to make money online from home, find out that it has never been easier.

It is enough to have a few hours to devote to your activity every day. However, what you need to know is that nothing happens overnight. To be able to get results you have to dedicate yourself to your project.

Any business, be it physical or online, begins to bear fruit only after it is established. So buckle up with some patience and let's see how to make money online:

How can I Make money from home?

1. Build your personal brand

If you want to make a lot of money online, then find out that fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how extroverted you are) YOU can be the subject of monetization. 

Be an influencer and see how they make money on the Internet simply and without much effort, including children who have not yet reached the age of majority. 

All you have to do is be as visible as possible online: on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Wherever there's room for popularity, you have to be too. The bigger your community, the more you'll earn!

2. Open a YouTube channel

More and more people are earning today from Youtube. The good thing is that you don't even have to invest a lot to be successful. This channel is very popular among youth and children. So if you can make materials for them, you get to monetize quickly.

The most popular YouTube channels are those of gamers. If you're not a gamer, maybe you like doing slime or ASMR. On you can check exactly which are the best-paying domains.

3. Dropshipping-ul

Although drop shipping (at least as a term) is not so well known in Romania, it is a very good method of making fast money online, without much effort. According to Google Trends, the popularity of this activity is increasing every day. 

But what is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where you promote a product and "clap" with the customer, but you don't stress about stocking or even shipping. 

The supplier is the one who stores, packs and ships the product on your behalf. You can use amazon, eBay, wish, express (as external platforms), and even olx, lajumate, and other internal platforms. Oberlo is, again, a good option. 

The best way to do dropshipping is through advertising on Facebook, or through influencers. The latter can send direct messages to potential customers on social media.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If we talked about dropshipping, find out that affiliate marketing is very close in principle. The difference is that you organically (or not) insert an affiliate link to an affiliate customer's product on your blog or any frequently used social media channel. 

There are platforms like profit share or 2performant that help you a lot in this regard. There you will also learn how to make money online by promoting other people's products. 

The more you engage and have a bigger and more active community, the better your chances of winning!

5. Take an online course

If you have knowledge in a field and want to provide value, then you need to make a course to sell online. It's much easier for your customers to set their own schedule (time and space) in which to learn. The internet gives us this great mobility! 

And don't think it's mandatory to invest in a specific platform. You can, very simply, use the sites that host such courses and are willing to give you a good percentage of the earnings. 

Your only concern should be the delivery of the most valuable content for the learner!

If you want to learn more about how to take an online course, schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with us and learn more about how you too can start an online business from your own passion:

6. Make a blog!

If you have a blog, you automatically have a lot of monetization tools at your fingertips: from becoming a personal brand to affiliate marketing.

Of course, you don't have to expect overnight results. And in the case of a blog, you have to think carefully before choosing your niche. Moreover, you need a community, and for that, you need to be able to do some quality online marketing.

The most common ways to make money online through blogging are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Contests for bloggers
  • Niche Freelancing Blogging
  • Selling e-books
  • Selling online courses
  • Coaching and consulting activities
  • Paid membership plans
  • Sponsored reviews
  • Donations

7. Freelancing

If you know how to do something that others would find useful, then you can offer "micro-jobs" online. In fact, what you do by freelancing is sell your services directly to the interested entity, without being employed. The most popular jobs are content/copywriting, interior design, online graphics, coding, material editing, etc.

There are many sites for every freelancing sector. For example, if you want to earn from writing or web graphics, you can use platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork. 

To make money online as a freelancer you need to start by building a strong portfolio. Often this can mean offering free services to certain well-known firms as well. 

Once you build this portfolio you can start contacting bigger clients to increase your income.

8. Online translations

You don't necessarily need to be a licensed translator to do this. What you will definitely need is, however, to know at least one foreign language at an advanced level. 

If it's also a less popular one, that's even better. Mandarin, Japanese and Swedish is some examples of languages ​​that can bring you substantial income if you know them.

You cannot use tools like google translate for this job because you will quickly lose customers. What you can do, however, is use apps to improve your knowledge.

9. Sell things online

If you need some quick cash, then you can do a good job of clearing out the house a bit. You'd be surprised how many people might need your stuff.

You can use well-known platforms, such as olx or lajumate, or you can even use the tools provided by Facebook (marketplace). 

Moreover, Facebook sales groups have become more and more popular! Just make sure you take the best photos possible and don't post anything broken or give a false description.

How can I make $100 a day from home?

10. Sell photos or videos online

Everyone has a good camera (at least on their phone). Of course, if you have a DSLR, this business idea is even more suitable for you.

However, to make money online with photos and videos you don't need much. Mainly you must like to photograph various things and have minimal knowledge of editing. You can then upload them to certain platforms, such as iStockPhoto.

11. Develop an app

If you are not an IT person then you probably feel the need to skip right over this point. Nothing more wrong! Find out that today there are a lot of independent platforms that teach you step-by-step how to make an application, without needing who knows what coding skills.

When it comes to monetizing your app, it's best to add it to the App Store and Google Play. You can start with a free app, to begin with until you learn how to develop it further. 

Then you can add some paid options after you've seen exactly what volume of people it attracts.

12. Trade online

More and more people are investing online. If you feel that you have good intuition and like to follow trends and numbers, then this may be the best option for you.

However, if you want quick results and you tend to be impulsive, then maybe it would be better to focus on something else because if you jump in head first, without sufficiently documenting yourself in advance, then you risk losing not only time but and money. 

When trading online it is good to be a patient person who carefully analyzes the performance of various markets.

13. Make money online from surveys

Although they don't necessarily make a lot of money, there are people who enjoy survey money.

There are many apps and online platforms that offer money for completing opinion surveys. The most popular questions concern consumption and buying habits. In general, from here you can get about 50 lei/month and some discount vouchers. 

However, given that you don't invest more than a few minutes, you can get your coffee money!

14. Sell domains and websites online

If we were still talking about transactions, here's another slightly more unconventional trading idea. If you have SEO knowledge and good intuition, you can be very successful selling domains and websites online. This technique can bring you thousands of euros monthly.

What you have to do is to buy domains online that would have a high chance of being bought at some point, based on the name. Big companies are willing to pay a lot for a domain they particularly want.

There are also portals where you can sell such sites and domains. An example is

15. Test products and perform tasks

Another effective way to earn money online is through user testing platforms. Example: 

These platforms pay you to review various sites and give your opinion on their ease of use. You also get various things to be aware of when you access the sites indicated by them.

You don't make a lot of money from this activity, but you don't have to have who knows what skills either.

16. Win on Pinterest

Few people know that you can also make money from Pinterest. Most people use this app to find interesting photos and get inspired. However, Pinterest is an e-commerce giant. 

How do you make money online from Pinterest? Simple: by testing products that you later present thereby associating a link. It's still a kind of affiliate marketing, but with a very high success rate!

17. Sell greeting cards online

If you have the ability to choose the perfect greeting cards for various occasions, then you could make good money online from greeting cards. 

When you choose to do this it is best to target a specific market segment that has an interest in marketing products of this kind. 

For example, you can prepare greeting cards for healthcare professionals who want to thank patients for choosing their clinic.

18. Make and sell handmade products

More and more people are buying handmade products online. From personalized christening kits and candles to magnets, lichen paintings, and even baby books, photo albums, and pacifier chains, anything that can be personalized appeals.

And after all, why not? 

Unique things are much more valuable and appreciated than those that can be easily made in factories.

19. Personalized gifts

Whether you make something yourself or have a flair for choosing gifts, you can sell your services online. Perhaps you are very good at understanding human psychology and then you can offer advice on selecting the best gifts for your loved ones.

Or maybe you like to wrap products beautifully. Be that as it may, this domain is more and more sought after! Many people would like to have someone else take care of their gifts!

20. Review music online for money

Finally, if you want to get paid to listen to music, find out that this is possible too! There are platforms like that are willing to pay you if you give them a review in return. 

In fact, what they want is for you to listen to certain artists and say how much you liked them and if you see a future for them.


It's never been easier to find out how to make money online. If you have some free time or if you are looking for financial freedom then the time has come to think carefully about what you want.

The simplest would be to invest in yourself and be an influencer. However, if you are an introvert, there are solutions for you too. 

So, I invite you to leave us a comment telling us which is the best online money-making idea for you.

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