YouTube Ranking Channel | Guide For Ranking Your Videos 2023


YouTube Ranking Channel Guide For Ranking Your Videos 2022

YouTube Ranking SEO: Guide For Ranking Your Videos 2023

Before we begin, please note it is best to optimize videos before making them live to give them the best chance of YouTube ranking the video. If a video is made life and it isn’t optimized, then YouTube will not rank it well. It will also make it much harder to rank well afterward.

1. Intro

Ranking your videos is a very important process for you to put into practice. This guide will walk you through the basics of how to rank your videos on YouTube. The video won’t have anything to do with SEO, but it will go a long way in helping you to rank your videos and make them rank well on YouTube.

The end goal of this article is to help you make your YouTube videos rank higher on search engines than they currently do. In doing so, you’ll be making money while you’re at it.

The reason why we are writing this article is that we want to create an opportunity for all of our members (both readers and writers) to earn money while reading and writing about SEO stuff and other topics related to this domain. We will also provide tips, tricks, and guides that can help you get started with SEO right away so that you can start earning money on your content as well.

If you want to do something different and something that helps others, then we encourage you to sign up and join our group now! This group will allow us all to work together towards achieving our goals as writers, readers, and members of the community online.

2. How to Optimize Videos Before They Go Live on YouTube

YouTube is the leader in online video. Therefore, it is important for webmasters and YouTube users to optimize their videos for YouTube ranking.

Most of the time, when a person makes a video on YouTube, he/she doesn’t know how to optimize their video.

This article is written by an SEO Expert who has helped thousands of marketers and businesses rank their videos on YouTube. This article will provide a step-by-step process to help you optimize your videos prior to going live on YouTube.

First, let us go over some basic concepts that are associated with video optimization:

1) Content Title: The title is the first thing that pops up in Google when users search for your site or company name. Make sure it's descriptive (a good example would be "How To Get Free Traffic"). Don't use too many words, as it will make your title look crowded and cluttered and this might get users bored. You can have more than one title; however, you must write something meaningful to get people engaged with the page you are trying to rank for.

2) Description: The description of your video is always the most important part of your video's ranking strategy because this is what Google will read through before ranking your video once it has been submitted. 

A detailed description like "How To Get Free Traffic" may not be as appealing as "How I Made $1 Million In 3 Months". It depends on what you want people to see in the first place! 

If you run a marketing or sales business, then you should write down some compelling reasons why viewers should watch your video instead of another one that does not tell them anything new about you or your business (i.e., "Watch This Video and Learn How I Made $1 Million In 3 Months"). 

If you are just a passive viewer, then this doesn't matter much because most people don't care about how they make money...they just want something entertaining and fun! Make sure the description contains keywords related to what you want viewers interested in seeing/doing (so that when someone searches for those keywords they land right on your page). 

For example, if you are selling office furniture then look at the terms "office furniture", "office supplies", etc.; these keywords would generate more visitors than "how I made $1 million in 3 months". Try using different words + phrases combinations such as product names + descriptions (ex: Best Price Desk Chair), pricing plans + descriptions (ex: Best Price Desk

3. Video Description

YouTube Ranking Video Description

The video description (or description) is the first thing that users will see when they search for your videos. It’s an important part of your video search engine ranking because it informs the user of what they are looking at and which content to expect.

Theory: The video description is a static text describing what you are trying to accomplish with the video. However, the hidden information can be used to help you optimize your videos on YouTube.

For instance, if you have a video about “how to build a house with cement”, then youtube can use this information to show different house-building tools, like a circular saw or an air compressor, in order to help you create the perfect home. This provides the user with more information that they may be interested in before signing up to watch your next video.

4. Video Tags

YouTube Ranking Video Tags

Today, there are so many ranking videos that we have to choose from. It depends on your goal and the category you want to rank in.

The first thing that you need to do is know the YouTube SEO Ranking Keywords.

If you don’t know the YouTube SEO Ranking Keywords, then it’s a good idea to learn them. There are many YouTube SEO Ranking Keywords available online but the most popular and easy-to-use keywords are “youtube SEO ranking keywords”, “youtube video SEO ranking keywords” and “youtube video SEO rankings youtube”.

These YouTube SEO Ranking Keywords list all of the most popular YouTube SEO Ranking Keywords for any category of your video you wish to rank in 2018 before making it live on your channel.

Below is a list of different categories of your video that may be worth looking into for your videos:

  • 1) Sports ( e.g . Boxing); 
  • 2) Teens ( e . g . Fencing); 
  • 3) Fashion ( e . g . Swimwear); 
  • 4) Music; 5) Carving; 
  • 6) Cooking; 
  • 7) Nature; 
  • 8) Travel; 
  • 9) Animation; 
  • 10) Kids; 
  • 11) Comedy; 
  • 12) Gaming; 
  • 13) Comedy Rants & Jokes/ Humor 
  • 14) Stunts/ Action 
  • 15 ) Entertainment Shows 
  • 16 ) Entertainment News 
  • 17 ) Entertainment News Videos 
  • 18 ) Entertainment Shows 
  • 19 ) Reality TV 
  • 20 ) Food 
  • 21 ) Cooking 
  • 22 ) Eating 
  • 23 ) Chefs 
  • 24 ) Nutrition 
  • 25 ) Baking;

5. Keywords in the Title and Description

Ranking your videos is one of the most important steps to getting more views. You need to do it right and if you do it wrong, your video will eventually be removed or reduced in rank. If you want to rank your video well, then you have to do it right.

The key elements of good YouTube rankings are title and description. The title is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to YouTube ranking, but the description is what will make or break your video.

Google has a ton of algorithms that can change over time as they get updated; this means that keywords in the title and description could be different than what’s listed today. To ensure that your video is optimized for YouTube ranking, we suggest using a tool like Vimeo Optimize or Moz Rank Checker.

Another thing we should mention about keywords in titles and descriptions is that there are tools available that can help you track which videos are getting the most views on YouTube (you can find them here). 

If you are interested in tracking those specific videos, then this site called YouTubeCharts has tools for finding out who else is retweeting a particular person’s video (you can find them here). In either case, make sure not to repeat too many keywords in the description because Google will penalize them more often than not.

6. Optimizing Your Channel for YouTube SEO

Optimizing your videos for YouTube is not an exact science. You will find that many people believe it is, but will quickly find out otherwise.

As you build a channel, you will want to test different keywords and ideas until you have a perfect plan. In the end, however, there will only be one method that works for your channel and that method is to use YouTube’s “Video Optimization” feature.

YouTube allows you to optimize certain aspects of your video with the following features:

1. Background Fade – This feature allows videos to fade in and out over time without any sound or music. This way, you can use background noises as well as music without having to worry about annoying viewers with noise or music that may be distracting.

2. Auto-Brightness The auto-brightness setting controls how bright your video uses light on darker backgrounds by using a high brightness level when there are shadows or low light conditions (like in the dark). 

When there is enough light, the video fades back down to the previous brightness setting. It also increases contrast when there are more shadows or low light conditions (like in the dark). 

It lets users adjust this setting by tapping on individual pixels of the video during playback rather than having to adjust each pixel individually for every frame of video played through YouTube’s servers.

3. Graphics Quality – This feature lets you choose which type of graphics effect (such as logos) should appear before or after your video so that they don’t interfere with each other when they are playing against each other in a loop like fashion such as running two numbers together over and over again while they playback at the same speed (it is possible to have graphics overlap their frames if set extremely high).

4. Caching – Caching allows a user to watch several videos on YouTube at once which in turn minimizes bandwidth usage because fewer data is sent from one viewer watching multiple videos on the same page simultaneously versus a single person watching them all at once if caching alone isn’t used for this purpose.

5.) 5x plug-in support – With 5x plugin support, users can add multiple videos from different sources into one playlist from within their browser tab so that they can watch multiple videos at once in one session instead of having them all open up separately and then closing them individually when done viewing them all simultaneously within another tab/window instead of waiting until they all load up before closing them

7. Video Length

You shouldn’t be uploading videos with high video lengths unless you plan to make them live. You should be able to put videos up for a maximum of 10 minutes so that YouTube will rank well.

This is important because YouTube can take a long time to process your content and decide what will appear on your page. If you want your video to rank, then you need it to load quickly. So, if you want to upload multiple videos, then make sure they are all of the same length or shorter than each other.

If you have more than one video, then use the same format each time. You can do this either by the “upload” button or by the first few seconds of each video’s description.

In general, whatever length each video is better than longer or shorter videos.

However, it is not recommended that longer videos should be made life just yet as they may become very popular, and that won’t always be beneficial for ranking well on YouTube if they are live-created and not optimized beforehand (YouTube is too slow when it comes to loading).

So, if you want your videos to rank well in both ways (as live-created or optimized), then make sure the videos are of the same length without making them shorter than another one before uploading them because YouTube does not like that much.

8. Conclusion

YouTube is a huge video platform with millions of videos posted every day. If you have ever been on YouTube and have watched a video, then you know it can be an awesome experience. However, if you are not careful, your channel can suffer from poor ranking.

To help out with this, I will be providing a guide for YouTube ranking your videos. This guide will show you how to optimize your channels to help your channel rank better in search results.

Before we begin, please note it is best to optimize your videos before making them live to give them the best chance of YouTube ranking the video. If a video is made live and it isn’t optimized, then YouTube will not rank it well. It will also make it much harder to rank well afterward.

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